Happy Father’s Day! 5 Reasons Why Omni-Man Is a Great Dad
Skybound Celebrates Father's Day with a Look the Most Infamous Dad in the Universe
Friday, June 14, 2024

This Father’s Day let’s take a moment to celebrate the greatest dad in television. We’re not talking about Ward Cleaver, Danny Tanner, or Bandit from Bluey. We’re talking about the one and only Omni-Man from Skybound’s Invincible. Now, some of you might be raising your eyebrows because Nolan Grayson has a bit of a, er, reputation. But don’t believe all the rumors. Sure, Nolan may have made a few mistakes along the way, but we think Omni-Man is pure dad goals. If you’re not convinced, here are 5 reasons why Omni-Man is the great dad…

1 - Knowing Your Son’s Hero

 Knowing Your Son’s Hero

When some parents want to summon their kid, they’ll call or text. That’s so lame! Why send a text when you can summon them with their favorite superhero?

In the episode “This Missive, This Machination!” Nolan wanted to summon Mark to the planet Thraxa, so he sent an alien to retrieve him. Nolan, however, had the Thraxan disguise themselves as Séance Dog, Mark’s favorite comic book superhero.

Some might see this move as manipulative. After all, doesn’t Mark have the right to know his father sent for him? Won’t a lie only further the divide between them. Maybe, but let’s not miss the big picture – Nolan knows his son’s favorite hero. He knew Mark would respond to Séance Dog. Why? Because Nolan is an engaged father who pays attention.

2 – Teaching Mark About Love

Teaching Mark About Love

Speaking of Mark’s trip to Thraxa…

The trip was not only a pretense to reunite Mark and Nolan, but also to introduce Mark to his stepmother Andressa and their unnamed son.

(True, a good father won’t wait until their son is a toddler to name them, but Nolan had other things on his mind. He was going to get around to it sooner or later.)

Meeting your new stepmom and half-brother can be a delicate moment, so Nolan did everything he could to make it easier for Mark – like licking Andressa’s insectoid tongue. Yeah, it was a bit disgusting, but it taught Mark about love and acceptance…or something. Look, Mark has seen a man get his intestines ripped out, we’re sure he can handle the sight of his dad making out with a bug.

3 - Bonding Over Trains

Bonding Over Trains

Some of you may remember that moment from “Where I Really Came From” where Nolan holds Mark in front of an oncoming train. It probably looked like Omni-Man was using Invincible’s body as a tool to damage the train and murder some people, but maybe there’s more to it. It’s possible that Nolan knew how much Mark loved trains and wanted to give him a good look at one. Most fathers would just show their kids a YouTube video of a train or have them watch one from afar. But Nolan went the extra mile. Just look at Mark afterwards. The experience made him so emotional he was in tears.

4- Helping Mark Go Viral

Helping Mark Go Viral

Yes, Nolan beat Mark to a bloody pulp in the episode “Where I Really Came From.” Yes, Mark barely survived, and the experience was highly traumatizing.

However, the fight did lead to the famous “Think Mark” moment. That moment has been parodied, turned into memes, and become recognizable around the world.

What is one thing all teenagers desire? They want to go viral! Thanks to Nolan, Mark was able to do just that. He would not have gone viral playing football or going fishing with his dad. No, that’s why Omni-Man had no choice but to beat up Invincible.

That’s it, right? Because if that’s not the explanation, then it means Omni-Man beat his son close to death for non-fatherly reasons. But that would mean Omni-Man is a bad father, and we know better.

5 - Calling Debbie a “Pet”

Calling Debbie a Pet

Well, maybe Nolan was just trying to show Mark…um….

At first glance it might sound like an insensitive thing to call someone’s mother, but when you look at it another way… Okay, it’s still bad.

However, it taught Mark a valuable lesson – like demonstrating what one shouldn’t call their wife. Hmmm… No, actually, all it did was teach Mark his dad is kind of a jerk. Father’s Day tip – don’t call the mother of your child a pet. Unless you like sleeping on the couch.

Y’know, it’s possible Omni-Man isn’t the best dad after all. In fact, Skybound legally requires us to tell you that under no circumstances should you do ANY of the things on this list. Apparently, it will damage your child’s physical and mental health. So, this Father’s Day, be glad your dad isn’t a Viltrumite, because yikes.

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