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7 Things We Loved About The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live 104, “What We” 

By Joshua Lapin-Bertone 


Have you and your partner ever argued about going somewhere? Well, Rick and Michonne take this to a whole new level. The latest episode of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live was a true battle of wills, with Michonne trying to convince Rick to leave the CRM and return home. The latest chapter in The Walking Dead’s TV universe raised the emotional steaks, with plenty of intense scenes and one of the best performances Andrew Lincoln has ever given (which is saying a lot). Here are 7 of our favorite moments from episode 103, “What We” …  


Warning: Spoilers ahead! 


The Tense Silence  

The Tense Silene The Walking Dead Ones Who Live 104

What do you say after the love of your life throws you off a moving helicopter? It turns out, not much.  

In fact, there’s hardly any dialogue for the first few minutes of this episode. Aside from a few words, Rick and Michonne are mostly silent. However, despite the lack of dialogue, there’s plenty going on in that opening. There’s so much left unspoken between Rick and Michonne the tension bursts off the screen. Credit to everyone involved in the production of this episode, because somehow a scene of Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira sitting in silence is one of the most watchable things on television. 


Ramona and Michonne  

Ramona and Michonne The Walking Dead Ones Who Live 104

As Michonne browses the bookshelf, she picks up a copy of Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary. She remarks that it was one of her favorite books as a child, and she knows that Judith will love it. This moment made me smile for a few reasons. This gives us some insight into Michonne’s childhood, something we don’t have a lot of details about. Michonne holding onto the book for Judith is a sweet gesture, and it’s always nice to see her being a mother – even in the midst of all this drama. I love imagining Judith and Michonne bonding over Ramona’s misadventures.  

Plus, I loved Beverly Cleary’s books growing up, so it feels good seeing them in my post-apocalyptic television drama.  


Rick Finally Learns about R.J.  


FINALLY! I have been waiting for this moment for over 5 years! Ever since R.J. Grimes was introduced in The Walking Dead season 9, I felt a pang of sadness. Rick was imprisoned by the CRM and had no clue his son existed. I wished there was some way for him to know. Once The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live was announced, Rick learning about R.J.’s existence was one of the things I was looking forward to the most. Now that moment has arrived.  

Yes, it occurred in the middle of an argument between Rick and Michonne. Yes, Rick responded by immediately trying to return to the CRM. Yes, this is all pretty tragic. Rick, however, finally knows about R.J. and I can breathe a little easier. Now we just need them to meet… 

Michonne Not Giving Up 

Michonne Not Giving Up The Walking Dead Ones Who Live 104

The discussion between Rick and Michonne was intense. Michonne is doing everything in her power to bring Rick home, but he won’t budge. Even when they discover the crashed helicopter, a sign that the CRM thinks they’re dead. Yet even that won’t get Rick moving. Michonne telling him about R.J. also fails to motivate him.  

Can you blame Michonne for getting angry? 

“You’re trying to keep us safe by MAYBE changing the CRM one day. Who MIGHT come after our home and put it in danger. That’s it? You won’t come home to me, to your life, to your kids,” Michonne says.  


The Heartbreaking Lingering by the Door  


When the couple reaches an impasse, Michonne angrily decides to leave. She gave Rick every reason to go with her, but he found himself unable to leave the CRM. Once Michonne walked out the door, there was a heartbreaking moment where she lingered in the hallway. Should she return? Did she give up on Rick too soon? Unbeknownst to her, Rick was also lingering on the other side of that door. Should he go after her? 

It was an emotionally devastating moment, seeing the two of them unable to connect. I found myself hoping that they would give into temptation and embrace one another.  

Alas, it would take the threat of walkers to get that to happen… 


Richonne’s Love Language 


In the end, it’s walkers who bring the lovers back together. When the CRM fired missiles at a neighboring structure, the building Rick and Michonne were hiding out in began to collapse. This freed some walkers, forcing Rich and Michonne to fight for their lives. Once they fought through the undead horde, the couple finally gave in to their desires.  

I couldn’t help but smile. All the talk of family couldn’t thaw the ice between them, but a fight with walkers was enough to get them back into bed. Why? Because violence is Rick and Michonne’s love language. Heck, it’s how they fell in love.  

Andrew Lincoln’s Emotional Performance 

Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead Ones Who Live 104

After their passionate reunion, Michonne once again pushes Rick to leave with her. This results in one of Andrew Lincoln’s best performances since he began playing Rick Grimes. During an emotional monologue, Rick opens up about how the CRM slowly broke him. He spoke about how over time his son Carl stopped visiting him in his dreams. How he was afraid the CRM would also take his memories of Michonne, and he would lose another piece of himself.  

I’m a sucker for anytime Rick mentions Carl (I miss him), so this speech hit me right in the feels. Beyond that, it represented a breakthrough. Rick had finally broken down his emotional walls, opening up to Michonne. After seeing him push her away, this was cathartic.  


Rick and Michonne are ready to return to Alexandria, but will Jadis and the CRM let them go? Find out next week! The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live airs Sunday nights at 9pm EST on AMC and is available to stream on AMC+. 


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